How to Participate

Climate Scorecard seeks to monitor the extent to which the top 25 greenhouse gas emitting countries are strengthening and adhering to the pledges they made to the new 2015 global climate agreement (also known as the Paris Agreement). Climate Scorecard is designed to be implemented through a partnership of concerned citizens and stakeholder institutions working to monitor post Paris efforts within and across these 25 countries.

Here’s how Climate Scorecard works and how to get involved:

  1. Fill out a Participation Form, available by clicking on the Participate and Select Your Country link on the Climate Scorecard website ( Specify the country you wish to help monitor.
  2. Your Participation Form, once completed, will be submitted for review and approval by Climate Scorecard staff.
  3. Once approved, you will be notified and receive access to the country pages on the Climate Scorecard site.
  4. You then will receive instructions on how to submit information that will be posted on the Climate Scorecard country page of the country you selected.
  5. Once approved you also will be able to visit the page of the country (countries) you have selected to receive up-to date information on the status of your country’s efforts.
  6. We will look for you to post information related to the status of efforts to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in your selected countries. Such information can be in the form of new business practices, government policies, research data, meeting or conference proceedings, advocacy efforts, et. al. Your website posts will be curated by a Campaign staff member before they are posted.
  7. You will receive notification each time a new post to the country you selected has been made.