About Climate Scorecard

CLIMATE SCORECARD is a participatory, transparent, and open data effort to engage all concerned citizens to support and implement the new Paris Agreement.

Over 190 countries endorsed a new global climate agreement in December 2015 at a United Nations meeting in Paris (known as COP21). The Paris Agreement is designed to stabilize the earth’s climate and prevent our atmosphere from heating-up above a global warming tipping point of 2 degrees Celsius, beyond which scientists warn extreme ecological disasters will occur. The success of the new agreement is contingent on the efforts all countries, as well as non-state actors, must make to increase and honor their commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2015, in preparation for COP 21, most countries submitted pledges, also known as Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs), to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 or earlier. The Paris Agreement recognizes that these pledges, while good starting points, are insufficient to avoid having the planet warm beyond 2 degrees Celsius. Therefore, all countries are encouraged to revisit and strengthen their pledges before the agreement goes into effect in 2020.

Climate Scorecard is a mechanism for supporting efforts needed to implement the new Paris Agreement. Such efforts include encouraging countries to increase their emission reduction pledges, tracking efforts to strengthen pre-Paris INDCs, making sure that countries put in place policies and programs to achieve their reduction targets, and holding nation-states accountable for fulfilling the promise of the Paris Agreement.

How Climate Scorecard Works
The Climate Scorecard team has established a website – www.climatescorecard.org – where everyone – citizens, organizations, businesses, researchers, members of governments, journalists – can share information related to emission reduction efforts in the top 25 greenhouse gas-emitting countries. Each of the 25 top greenhouse gas emitting countries will have a page on our website where concerned stakeholders can post information related to the status of their country’s pledge

Climate Scorecard’s website also provides a set of 6 targeted results (see below) that we believe each country needs to achieve by 2020 in order to successfully implement the new Paris Agreement. These results are based on recommendations contained within the agreement itself, benchmark country emission reduction pledges, and our own research that has identified goals that all countries need to reach. Our targeted results provide a framework for tracking progress made by the top 25 greenhouse gas-emitting countries.

Results the Top 25 Greenhouse Gas-Emitting Countries
Need to Achieve by 2020

  • Strengthens its 2015 agreement pledge, or adheres to a pledge that meets Result 3 in the Framework
  • Agrees and implements measures to reach the target of 20% unconditional emission reduction by 2020
  • Agrees and implements measures to reach the target of 30% unconditional emission reduction by 2025
  • Adopts the UN suggested baseline year of 2010 from which to calculate future reductions
  • Agrees to and implements policies that achieve 100% renewable energy by 2050
  • Make all aspects of its emission reduction process, including policy development and implementation, transparent and inclusive

How To Participate
To participate in Climate Scorecard you need to login to our site (www.climatescorecard.org) and complete a short registration form, specifying which country or countries you wish to follow. Once registered you will have the ability to (a) post information on the page of the country or countries that you’re following and (b) track the progress of your country in meeting Climate Scorecard results. Once a month Climate Scorecard will publish, post, and disseminate a Status Report on the post-Paris emission reduction progress being made by the top 25 greenhouse gas-emitting countries.

Who We Are
An outstanding team of organizations and individuals is implementing Climate Scorecard. Coordination of our effort is through a partnership between The Global Citizens’ Initiative (TGCI) and EarthAction- non-profit organizations with missions focused on environmental protection and citizen engagement. TGCI and EarthAction worked together to successfully implement last year’s Citizens’ Campaign for a 2015 Global Climate Agreement (http://www.climateagreementcampaign.org).

TGCI and Earth Action have recruited a team of environmental graduate students and young professionals who will serve as Country Coordinators, building and supporting networks of organizations and people to contribute and share information related to the post-Paris progress of each of the top 25 greenhouse gas emitting countries.

In addition, university-based experts will provide quality control and address technical questions related to documents that are proposed for posting on the Climate Scorecard website.

Each of the 25 top greenhouse gas emitting countries has a page on our website where concerned stakeholders can post information related to the status of their country’s pledge.

Join Our Team
We are currently looking for a Country Manager for South Africa. For details, click here.