An interactive site where all concerned can help implement the 2015 UN sponsored Paris Agreement by participating in efforts to reduce emissions in the top 25 greenhouse gas emitting countries.

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GREAT START: In a December 2015 UN-sponsored meeting in Paris, 195 countries each made a national pledge to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. In April 2016 most of these countries committed to their pledges by signing the Paris Agreement at the UN. Now, together, we need to support the Paris Agreement and track the policies, plans, and progress that countries make to achieve their reduction targets and hold them accountable to their pledges. Learn More

MUST DO MORE: The combined country pledges made in Pairs, however, are not powerful enough to reduce major climate dangers, disruptions, and disasters. All countries—ESPECIALLY THE TOP 25 EMITTERS—must be pressed to rapidly make deeper cuts in their greenhouse gas emissions. Learn More

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Climate Scorecard invites everyone—citizens, organizations, businesses, researchers, members of governments, journalists, etc.—to engage in a participatory transparent process to ensure that the Paris Agreement fulfills its promise. Join us and participate in our interactive website where you can report on and track the progress of the top 25 greenhouse gas emitting counties, and where you can press governments to do more to stabilize our climate. More information on how to engage with the Climate Scorecard can be found in the About Climate Scorecard page. To participate, click the Participate & Select Your Country button below, and complete a short registration form. Learn More

CLIMATE SCORECARD REPORTS: Key issues facing the Top 25 Greenhouse Gas Emitting Countries—signing, ratifying, and fully implementing their Pledges to the Paris Agreement. Read the reports here.