Climate Scorecard monitors and reports on the status of efforts to implement the UN Paris Agreement among leading greenhouse gas emitting countries. It seeks to alert environment leaders and concerned citizens around the world about important issues that need to be addressed if the Paris Agreement is to succeed.

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In a December 2015 UN-sponsored meeting in Paris, 195 countries each made a national pledge to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. On November 4, 2016 the Paris Agreement went into effect. Now, together as a global community, if we are to stop climate change, we need to support the Paris Agreement and track the policies, plans, and progress that countries make to achieve their reduction targets. We need to hold them accountable for honoring their commitments to the Agreement.

Climate Scorecard reports monthly on policies, events, and key actors in leading greenhouse gas emitting counties that are helping to shape their country’s efforts to implement the Paris Agreement. Our Reports cover a wide range of issues, e.g. what policies are working, what leaders support or oppose climate change, how are climate change related weather events influencing economic development, which countries are investing most successfully in renewable energy.

Each Climate Scorecard Report now comes with an Action Alert intended to galvanize governments, NGOs, researchers, and businesses into taking steps needed to strengthen their country’s compliance with the Paris Agreement. Each leading greenhouse gas emitting country has its own page on the Climate Scorecard website where its monthly individual country reports can be downloaded. Our website also hosts a blog called Climate Change Solutions, where people and organizations can post views on how greenhouse gas emissions can best be reduced. We urge you to download our Reports and blog and get involved in efforts to make sure your country honors its Paris Agreement commitments.

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